Reorganizing my craft studio again. It’s never ending

I don’t know about you but whenever I craft I make a mess. Big messes. I don’t know why I do this. I get creative and want ribbon then paper and paper dolls then I get into inks and stamps. Ugggggg. Here I go again. Oh well it’s therapy, right??????


Valentine Greeting 2,5″ Tags and Print Conversion Table

Yet again, awesome graphics. Love it!!!

Wings of Whimsy

Here’s another set of 2,5″ Cherub tags, this one I called Valentine Greeting:

Wings of Whimsy: Valentine Greeting 2,5" Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #cherub #valentine #tagIf you have a 2,5″ punch, these are ready in 2 minutes 😉 Maybe you have a circular punch, but smaller? I applied some simple math, and came up with the following

Conversion Table:

  • Print 100% – 2,5″ tags
  • Print 80% – 2″ tags
  • Print 70% – 1 3/4″ tags
  • Print 60% – 1,5″ tags
  • Print 50% – 1 1/4″ tags
  • Print 40% – 1″ tags
  • Print 30% – 3/4″ tags

TIP 1: When I reduce the print size to 70%, my printer will fit 2 pages on the same A4 sheet = 24 tags per sheet

TIP 2: When I reduce the print size to 50% or less, my printer will fit 4 pages on the same A4 sheet = 48 tags per sheet

TIP 3: When I reduce the print size to 30%, my printer…

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Snuggle Time

It is super cold outside. 28 degrees here in Jonesboro Arkansas. I just finished working on wedding favors , a cake topper and bridal bouquets yesterday. I’m relieved. Posting after her wedding this weekend. I can’t spoil the fun. I need to clean up my craft room now. It is a big mess. Why is it that after each big project my crafting studio looks like a whirl wind hit it????  I’m new to blogging so I’m hoping to grow and learn along the way.

Well, Ta Ta for now. I’m going to warm up my coffee and getting ready for a fun filled day. Make today a wonderful day. Look around and find inspiration in what you see, feel and touch. God bless you all.

DIY Vintage Wrapping No 2: Folded Paper Bag

Love Wings of Whimsy graphics. Check them out!

Wings of Whimsy

If you are like me, and enjoy folded paper bags, you also know how expensive they can be to buy… and I don’t think I ever saw any nice Vintage printed ones… So why not print a few of my Vintage Digital Collage Sheets in A3 size and make your own:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Vintage Wrapping - Paper BagWings of Whimsy: DIY Vintage Wrapping - Paper BagWings of Whimsy: DIY Vintage Wrapping - Paper BagWings of Whimsy: DIY Vintage Wrapping - Paper Bag

Here’s some basic figures:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Vintage Wrapping - Paper Bag


  • Glue your paper together to a “roll” with glue or double sided tape.
  • Eyeball what you want to be the front and back, and press down accordingly. The “seam” does not have to be in the middle of the back!
  • Fold a suitable piece of the bottom up.
  • Fold the corners in.
  • Open the bottom according to Fig. 7
  • Fold down a little more than half of part A
  • Repeat with part B.
  • Glue the folded pieces A & B to shut the bottom of the bag (glue or double sided tape)
  • If you want…

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Happy 2015

I hope all of you had a great New Years celebration. I for one, was in bed before midnight. I spent the evening with my husband and son. Watched the twilight zone marathon. I still think the pig nose people look freaky. Anywho, I’m working on wedding favors for my nieces wedding this week. I am a crafting procrastinator. I know that I have friends out there who do the same thing. I will post a picture of her favors and bouquet I am making after the wedding. I don’t want to still her thunder. You know what I mean. Ta Ta for now crafting friends. Have a wonderful day